Fox/wolf mug

R360.00 - R420.00
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These mugs bring even more magic to your morning coffee or tea! Ideal for all warm and cold beverages. Great double wall insulation.

Hand carved from a darker African hardwood (Kiaat or Knysna blackwood depending on availability) or Poplar wood(see pictures for reference). Please leave a comment at checkout if you prefer your mug in the lighter Poplar wood. 

Brass inlay.

Built in stainless steel cups. Choose between the standard silver stainless steel inner or gold plated stainless steel. Please note that the gold stainless steel cups may change color over time or if not washed properly.

Silver and gold cups have different shapes. Please refer to the pictures for shape reference.

Size options:

200ml Silver- 8.5cm / 6cm

300ml Silver- 9cm/8cm

200ml Gold- 8cm/8cm

300ml Gold- 8.5cm/10cm

Handle: Extra 3cm

Please leave a comment at checkout if you would like to add a handle.

Please allow a lead time of 5 to 15 working days for production. Due to the hancarved nature of this product, please allow for slight variations in size and wood color.

Not dishwasher safe!